Opus Research Report
Voice Assistants Deliver Measurable Results
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Opus Research Report
Voice Assistants Deliver Measurable Results
Opus Research has confirmed that voice assistants are becoming ubiquitous. Leading companies are deploying voice AI across channels to create consistent experiences and promote better customer service, convenience, and loyalty.

The survey revealed that 67% of top brands are already implementing voice assistants. Among them, many are moving away from the inherent restrictions of depending on a third-party platform, such as Google and Alexa, and setting their goals on a custom, branded voice experience. Given the ubiquitous nature of voice assistant technology, if you're in the 33% of brands who are still sitting on the fence, the time to act is now—before your market share is gone.

Opus Research has created a report to discuss the findings of the survey, including:

  • The road to ubiquity: voice assistants for everyday tasks
  • The business case for an investment in voice AI
  • Perceived challenges that reflect opportunities
  • The custom wake word conundrum
  • Communicating the value of voice assistants

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