See how voice AI is creating frictionless and secure customer experiences for banks

Deliver faster, more convenient, and always-on personalized customer service experiences while maintaining control of sensitive user data. Let customers ask for things the same way they would when talking to a person and reserve call center agents for times that require human involvement.

Houndify's advanced voice AI allows banking customers to get the information they need simply, easily, securely, and as naturally as talking to a teller or customer service rep.

Using Houndify, your customers can ask things like

  • What's the interest rate on a new savings account?
  • What about a minimum deposit?
  • Where is the closest ATM to my address?
  • Please transfer $50 to my savings account and make a one-time transfer.
  • Show my spending report for the last month and sort by amount and exclude gas stations.
  • I want to dispute the charge of $120 on January 3.
  • What's the current interest rate for a car loan?
  • Is there a charge for early repayment?
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